Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In Another Time

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This new set came from a dream I had last week. This cute purse was in my dream as was the coin. There were others, but I didn't include them. Maybe I will get them done and give them as freebies. I told my husband about the dream and the purse. For some reason the purse stuck in my mind so I got up early that morning and drew it on my drawing paper. I was telling my daughter and showed her the picture. She didn't want any part of viewing it. For some reason, she is afraid of Angels and doesn't like to hear about my almost nightly dreams. I have decided I should start getting up and draw the things I am seeing in the dreams.

I hope you enjoy my new set. Please leave a comment.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a day!!!

My husband suggested going for a ride and perhaps a picnic yesterday. What a wonderful day we had. We left in his Soltice sports car with the top down and my little dog Pedro who is a chihuahua and goes everywhere I go if at all possible. Our destination was Brehnam Texas to see the blooming blue bonnets. We took the long country route, the sun was shinning and the skies were a brilliant clear blue. My husband suggested we use sun block. I told him I already had makeup on that had sunblock, but perhaps my ears and back of my neck.

Well needless to say we didn't see many bluebonnets in bloom, but the Indian paint brushes and buttercups and various other flowers were in bloom.

We didn't take the picnic lunch because he really doesn't have enough room in his so called trunk. The top lets down into it and leaves a tiny put of space.

One of the small towns was having a bicycle marathon and we got caught in the middle of it. My husband did get some nice comments on his car from people standing along the bicycle route. That put a smile on his face. LOL There must have been 500 riders and the police had everyone stopped so they could get through.

We stopped in Brehnam to eat and inquired about German food. Found a place that sold sausage on a stick, LOL, which does not qualify as German food to us. Stopped at a realtors place and inquired. He recommended a new place in downtown. We stopped there, let the windows down a bit so Pedro would not get to hot and went into the restaurant (which was not German food), placed our order and waited, and waited and waited. I told my husband I was going out to the car to check on Pedro and suggested he just get our order to go. Just before I went out a family stopped to take a picture of his car. Not sure if they were taking a picture of his car or the cute little dog looking out the window at them.

Pedro was hot so we got went for a walk and a potty break for him. My husband came out with the food and we were on our way to find a park to eat. We drove and drove and did not find a park. We decided we would stop in Chappel Hill and would surely find a place there to eat. We wanted to get some of their famous sausage anyway. We got to Chappel Hill and they had a festival going on with hundreds of bikers and ten times more cars trying to get into Chappel Hill so we turned around and headed home, hoping to find a park to eat our lunch.

Needless to say we drove all the way back home with no place to eat our lunch. We were both so sun burned, me on my face, front of my chest and arms (didn't think to put sun screen there) and my husbands face and arms. We laughed about it and decided we were going to go again in a couple of weeks and try it all over again. We probably drove 250 miles for this one day adventure, but we had a great time.