Monday, May 19, 2008

Another new week

I have not posted for a few days due to health reasons.
My husband insisted he take me for a country ride this weekend.
We had a nice time, but it was much warmer than last time. It was nice while we were driving, because we had the top down, but when we stopped you could feel the 90 degree or more sun beating down on us.
I was totally exhausted when we returned home so I took a short nap.

I am going to work on some new graphics and hopefully get them in my store by the weekend.
My oldest son and his family are now living in Australia. They seem to like it and hopefully have found a home to move into. They are all missed on this end.
I envy them getting to live in such a beautiful place. We are hoping we can go and visit them. It will be a very long trip, but well worth it.

Hope everyone is doing well, stay safe and enjoy life.