Monday, March 16, 2009


to say I am sorry and to apologize. I posted Linda C name and email address on here when I thought she was one of those women who sat and waited for someone to make a mistake so they could just grab and run with your products and I know there are those that do it. Well it just so happens she wasn't one of those women. She honestly thought it was a freebie. She said the reason she didn't respond to my email right away was because her dear mother-in-law had passed away. Please keep her and her husband and their family in your prayers.
Please do not harrass her! She has paid for the product and gave me an explanation and I totally believe her. I made the mistake of not waiting long enough for a reply.
If you have a question about this, ask me, please do not bother Linda.
Thank you and may you all have a wonderful day.